Welcome to my toy paradise! These archives are designed to bring about an appreciation of what happens when commercialism and craftmanship combine to bring about a rarely lauded art. Of course I am speaking of Action Figures. Please feel free to explore my efforts and those of others to highlight specific Action Figure lines and their related paraphenalia. Enjoy!


Batman: The Animated Series Figure Archive
An admittedly biased look at one of the nicest toy lines around. Now if only Kenner would make more villains...
The Super Powers Archive
Highlighting the greatest toy line of the mid-80's; A sterling example of how a licensed property should be treated.
Superman: The Animated Series Action Figure Archive
Showcasing the highly anticipated new line from Kenner!

Spider-Man Action Figure Archive
Covering the Heroes and Villains of the Toy Biz Spider-Man line. Now web-slinging your way!
Uncle Grim's Page of Fun
My own personal home Page. Lots of links, weird stuff, and a Hamster.


Action Figure Web Page
Randy Matthew's awesome tribute the Gods of Plastic. The definitive page for information on new and old figure lines. Highly recommended.
Action Girl's Guide To Female Figures
Sarah Dyer's fantastic site listing every conceivable female action figure that was ever made. Lots of info, links to great places, and valuable advice and philosophy on collecting and other important matters. Named as one of two top toy sites by YAHOO!
Star Wars Collectors Web Page
The On-Line Bible for Star Wars collectors. Gus Lopez maintains a huge archive of Star Wars toys, props, and memorabilia.
John's Action Figure Column Archive
The site that collects all of John Gersten's excellent weekly toy columns that appear on R.T.M/R.T.A.F. Providing a very articulate view of the trials and tribulations of the modern collector, these columns show a better picture of the current shape of the market and what it's like to actually be on the hunt than anything else I've seen.
Mike Fichera's Custom Figure Page
One of the very best pages for Custom Figures on the web, featuring many not seen anywhere else. Go see Mike's meticulous work now, you won't be disappointed.
The Mego Museum
An amazing piece of work by Scott Carroll, this site has the full rundown on Mego figures from the 70's, custom works galore, and news on upcoming developments concerning the brand. Check it out!

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