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Some of my favorite action figure sites on the web

Raving Toy Maniacs

The new and improved Raving Toy Maniacs site, now with a swanky new look, and incorporating the awesome Jason Geyer's Action Figure Archives and the archives of the recently retired Action Figure Web Page. News, archives, columns, you name it -- and now with info straight from the companies themselves! This is the one site you need to bookmark and regularly check on for news and info about action figures and the industry.

Welcome to Grrrl Dollz

A recently created page showcasing photos of various female figures -- go here to see a bunch of the girls I've talked about! New stuff is added constantly -- definitely one to bookmark.

The She-Ra Collectors Guide

A new addition to the extensive He-Man and the Masters of the Universe website, this guide not only lists every single figure, playset, and accessory that was part of the Princess of Power line, but has photos of virtually everything! Handy for identification, or for just remembering what they all looked like.

Sorsha's Golden Girl Page

A guide to the parallel universe She-Ra line, Golden Girl and the Guardians of the Gemstones. New, but already with complete information on every figure and it's accessories. Look for more info in the future!

The GI JOE Action Figure Archive

An absolutely great guide to 3-3/4" GI Joe figures, with photos and info on every single one! Every US-released girl Joe is pictured, as well as over 400 of the total troops! (Or is it corps?)

Wonder Woman Dolls

Part of the Wonder Woman Pages, this page lists a sampling of the different WW figures and dolls that have been produced over the years, with photos. While far from complete, it's a great place to see a bunch of them all in one place, as well as being a good WW resource in general.

The Mego Museum

Pretty self-explanatory, and incredibly well-done. Go Batgirl, go!

The Star Wars Collectors Archive

While Leia's not represented well, this is a very informative and neat Star Wars site.

Themyscira: Home of Wonder Woman

Like the She-Ra page, there's not much useful info here on the toy lines -- but the page is really nice,and I think there's a good chance it'll eventually archive every WW product (including toys of course). Great for info and pix of weird WW merchandise. (And now -- including the entire Wonder Woman and the Star Riders promotional comic!!)

There's probably thousands of great toy-oriented sites on the web, but I haven't got time to check them all out myself! Go to Raving Toy Maniacs for links to many of them -- and if you find a page that's especially oriented towards female figures, let me know so I can check it out! Thanks!!

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