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Virtually every figure made in the USA representing a female action character from television, movies, comics, or even sometimes just generated for a toy line. To find a specific figure or character you're looking for, use the "find" or "search" function of your browser (generally located in the "edit" menu), type in the name, and it will help you find all listed appearances of that character. Have fun!
Series (Company, Year)
Figure size description
ONE MILLION BC (Mego, 1976)
Mada 8"
PEE-WEE'S PLAYHOUSE (Matchbox, 1985)
Miss Yvonne 5"
Reba 5"
PETER PAN (Sears Only, 1989)
Tinkerbell 8"
Wendy 8"
PETER PAN, FOX'S (THQ Ltd., 1991)
the Mermaid 5"
Tinkerbell 5"
Wendy 5"
PETER PAN (Mattel, 1994)
Musical Tinkerbell 6"
Flying Tinkerbell 9"
Flying Wendy 9"
PLANET OF THE APES (Mego, 1973-75)
Zira 8"
POCAHONTAS (Mattel, 1995)
Pocahontas 5"
Nakoma 5"
Wonder Woman 3" This line was a remake of the Comic Action Heroes from 1974.
POLICE WOMAN (Horsman, 1970s)
Police Woman 8" (Angie Dickinson)
POWER LORDS (Revell, 1982)
Shaya 6"
POWER RANGERS (Bandai, 1993-)
Divatox 6" The villainess from the Turbo line of Power Rangers.
Pink Ranger  -- see note below
White Ranger 5" 1995 -- "Alien Rangers" line. The alien rangers' leader was a girl -- the figure even has a skirt!
Yellow Ranger  -- see note below
As you may or may not know, the entire Power Rangers series is based on a Japanese series of shows, which changes costumes and teams every year (which is why the American version follows suit). In Japan the pink ranger is always a girl, and the yellow ranger is often -- but not always -- a girl. (Which is why in the first series the pink ranger's costume has a skirt and the yellow ranger's doesn't.) In the US, the pink and yellow rangers are always girls, so technically, all yellow and pink ranger figures you find are female figures. However, most lines use the same mold for the male and female rangers, and the "girls" don't appear to be even vaguely feminine. There have been some exceptions: the movie lines, which used different sculpts; the "automorph" figures from several of the lines, which can be set to show the human actress' face; the figures packed with vehicles from the Zeo and Turbo lines, which were made with their skirts on; and the newer Turbo figures, which have finally gotten their own, more feminine, torso sculpt.
Aisha 9" mego-style articulated doll -- regular and movie editions
Kimberly 9" regular and movie editions
Trini 9"  well-sculpted face + decent articulation=great doll
PRIMAL RAGE  (Playmates, 1996-)
Vertigo 6" This "mesmerizing sorceress" manages to look quite feminine for a lizard. I think it's the eye makeup. This line is also notable for the best feature I've ever seen in a toy line: the 9" series has PAGAN EATING ACTION!!
Fallon 6" Regular and deluxe versions (which are very different)
Princess Gwenevere 6" Regular and deluxe versions (which are very different)
Sun power Gwenevere 6"
Lady Kale 6"
Tamara 6" Regular and deluxe versions (which are very different)
 PRINCESS OF POWER (Mattell, 1985-87) the award goes to this entire line!
Angella 5" (series 1)
Castaspella 5" (series 1)
Catra 5" (series 1)
Scratchin Sound Catra 5" (series 2)
Shower Power Catra 5" (series 3)
Double Trouble 5" (series 1)
Entrapta 5" (series 2)
Flutterina 5" (series 2)
Frosta 5" (series 1)
Glimmer 5" (series 1)
Mermista 5" (series 2)
Netossa 5" (series 3)
Peekablue 5" (series 2)
Perfuma 5" (series 2)
She-Ra 5" (series 1)
Bubble Power She-Ra 5" (series 3)
Sunburst She-Ra 5" (series 2)
Spinnerella 5" (series 3)
Sweetbee 5" (series 2)
Ali 6"
Jana 6"  The whole line is nice, but this stunning redhead stands out.
Shonti 6"
Princess Tenko 6" in dolphin, eagle and lion versions
QUAKE (ReSaurus, 1999)
Female Marine Athena 6" Really nice realization of characters from this game.
Iron Maiden 6"
QUEST FOR CAMELOT (Kenner, 1998)
Kayley 6" The other girl-with-a-sword for 98, but no competition for Mulan. 12" hero Kayley also available. 
RAMBO (Coleco, 1985)
K.A.T. 5" Reviewed!
REBOOT (Irwin, 1995)
Dot Matrix 6"
Hexadecimal 6"
For more Reboot females, check foreign Reboot releases
Anne Lewis 4" With very odd cap-firing action!
ROBOCOP (Toy Island, 1994)
Lisa Madigan 3-3/4"
Nancy Miner 5" This time around, Robotech's girl pal is another Robocop herself! (In stylish lavender armor, no less.) Another version was pictured in catalogs but only this one has appeared so far.
ROBOTECH (Matchbox, 1986)
Rook Bartley 3-3/4"
Lisa Hayes 3-3/4"
Lisa Hayes 12"
Lynn Minmei 12"
Miriya 3-3/4" variations: RDF (red outfit) or Zentraedi (black outfit)
Miriya 8"
Dana Sterling 3-3/4"
Dana Sterling 12"
ROBOTECH (Harmony Gold, 1991 -- reissues of above)
Rook Bartley 3-3/4"
Lisa Hayes 3-3/4"
Lisa Hayes 12" Reviewed!
Lynn Minmei 3-3/4"
Lynn Minmei 12"
Miriya 3-3/4" purple outfit
Dana Sterling 3-3/4"
Dana Sterling 12"
The Harmony Gold reissues are almost the same -- they added Lynn Minmei in the 3-3/4" size, changed the color of 3-3/4" Miriya's outfit and dropped the 8" Miriya. But they still used the same molds as the Matchbox figures. The dolls, oddly enough, are not the same -- the bodies seem identical, but the face molds and paint jobs are slightly different (Dana seems most unchanged), and the outfits are made in slightly different patterns and with different fabrics -- and Dana's outfit is entirely different! The Matchbox 12" Dana came in a pink dress (her uniform being in the accompanying clothing line), while the HG Dana comes dressed in her uniform. The Harmony Gold boxes use the art and photos from the Matchbox line, however, so if you look at a Harmony Gold doll box, you can see the prototype photos of the Matchbox dolls!
SABRINA (Hasbro, 1997)
Sabrina 11" Yup, as in "The Teenage Witch". Three versions available.
SAILOR MOON (Bandai, 1995-6)
Queen Beryl 6"
Sailor Jupiter 6" variations: generic boots and (correct) granny boots.
Sailor Jupiter 12" variations: generic boots and (correct) granny boots.
Sailor Mars 6" variations: generic boots and (correct) high heels.
Sailor Mars 12" variations: generic boots and (correct) high heels.
Sailor Mercury 6"
Sailor Mercury 12"
Sailor Moon 6" variations: scout outfit, princess outfit, pajamas.
Sailor Moon 12"
Sailor Venus 6" variations: generic boots and (correct) strapped shoes.
Sailor Venus 12" variations: generic boots and (correct) strapped shoes.
For more Sailor Moon females, check foreign Sailor Moon releases
SAVAGE DRAGON (Playmates, 1995)
She-Dragon 6" variations: full  head of hair or mohawk
SEAQUEST DSV (Playmates, 1994)
Lt. Hitchcock 5"  
SIMPSONS (Mattel, 1990)
SILVERHAWKS (Kenner, 1986)
Steelheart 5"
SKELETON WARRIORS (Playmates, 1986)
Shriek 5"
Sliced Ice 3-3/4" in set w/ vehicle
SPACE: 1999 (Mattel,1977-79)
Dr Russell 8" mego-style articulation
SPACE JAM (WB Toy/Playmates,1996)
Lola Bunny 3" 2-pack w/ Bang Reviewed!
SPAWN (Todd Toys/MacFarlane Toys, 1994-)
Angela 6" variations: numerous -- significant one, white or navy loincloth.
Cosmic Angela 6" "bald" or "helmeted" head
Deluxe Angela 13"
The Goddess 6" (series 9) Pre-release reports also referred to her as  "Manga Angela".
Medusa 6" (series 13) As in the greek legend. Very cool, actually.
Jessica Priest 6" From Spawn: The Movie
Jessica Priest 6" (series 13) "car-wreck" Jessica. Comes with Mr. Obersmith
She-Spawn 6" red or black "skin" tone
Skull Queen 6" From the Dark Ages assorment.
Tiffany 6" burgundy or teal outfit Reviewed!
Widowmaker 6" (originally called Wildstorm) grey skin/pink outfit, caucasian skin/black and red outfit
SREED RACER (ReSaurus, 1999)
Trixie 5" Cute, with neat accessories, but why couldn't she be in a pose that at least balances if it has to be ridiculous?
Carmen Ibanez 5" Officially "Bug Thrasher Carmen Ibanez" -- whatever!
Bonny Blair 98 Timeless Legends
Nadia Comaneci Timeless Legends -- gymnastics
Florence Griffith-Joyner Timeless Legends -- track & field
Jackie Joyner-Kersee Timeless Legends -- track & field
Dottie Kamenshek Cooperstown -- baseball
Olga Korbut Timeless Legends -- gymnastics Reviewed!
STAR TREK (Mego, 1974)
Lt Uhura 8" Action Girl Seal 
Ilia 3-3/4"
Ilia 12"
Tasha Yar 3-3/4"
STAR TREK (Playmates, 1991-)
B'etor 5" (Generations - 6928)
Borg Queen 5" (Warp Factor 5) A little late, but still pretty neat -- especially with the "head and shoulders lifting right out of her torso" action that isn't mentioned on the packaging.
Nurse Christine Chapel 5"   (classic)
Cadet Beverly Howard Crusher 5" (Warp Factor 3)
Dr. Beverly Crusher 5" (TNG - 6019)
Dr. Beverly Crusher 5" (Generations - 6924)
Dr. Beverly Crusher 5" Starfleet Duty uniform  (TNG - 6961)
Dr. Beverly Crusher 5" 40's attire (TNG/holodeck - 6435)
Dr. Beverly Crusher 6" Star Trek: First Contact Reviewed!
Dr. Beverly Crusher 5" in "Generations" outfit (actually DS9)
Lt. Jadzia Dax 5"   (DS9 - 6205)
Lt. Jadzia Dax 5"   Duty Uniform (DS9 - 6242)
Lt. Jadzia Dax 5" from Blood Oath (DS9 - 6440)
Jadzia Dax 5" Action Girl Seal fromTrials and Tribble-ations
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax 6"
Guinan 5" (TNG - 6020)
Guinan 5" (Generations - 6927)
Guinan as "Gloria" 5" From the Dixon Hill 2-pack
Ilia (probe) 5" Action Girl Seal (Warp Factor 2)
Capt. Kathryn Janeway 5" (Voyager - 6481)
Edith Keeler 5" (Warp Factor 3)
K'ehleyr 5" (TNG -- 6059)
Kes the Ocampa 5" (Voyager - 6488)
Leeta 5" Action Girl Seal (Warp Factor 2)
Lily 6" Star Trek: First Contact Reviewed!
Lursa 5" (Generations - 6929)
Martia 5" (classic - 6457)
Major Kira Nerys 5" (DS9- 6206)
Intendant Kira (Nerys) 5" (Warp Factor 4)
Keiko O'Brien 5" (Warp Factor 4)
Capt. Beverly Picard 5" (Warp Factor 2)
Dr. Katherine Pulaski 5" (ST - 6428)
Lt. Janice Rand 5"   (classic)
Ensign Laren Ro 5"   w/ pog (TNG - 6044) or trading card (TNG - 6981)
Lt. Saavik 5" (classic - 6460)
Commander Sela 5" (TNG - 6056)
Lt. Seska 5" (Voyager)
Lt. Seska 5" (Voyager) As a Cardassian
Seven of Nine 5" (Warp Factor 5) In early "borgified" stage.
Cadet Deanna Troi 5" (Warp Factor 3)
Counselor Deanna Troi 5" lavender uniform (TNG - 6016)
Counselor Deanna Troi 5" red uniform (TNG - 6076)
Lt Cmdr Deanna Troi 5" 6th season uniform (TNG - 6035)
Cmdr Deanna Troi 5" (Generations - 6920)
Cmdr Deanna Troi 6" Star Trek: First Contact Reviewed!
Deanna Troi 5"   as Durango (TNG/holodeck - 6438)
Lwaxana Troi 5" (TNG - 6967)
Lt. B'Elanna Torres 5" (Voyager - 6485)
Lt. Torres 5" as a Klingon (Voyager - #)
Lt. Uhura 5"  (classic bridge box set)
Lt. Uhura 5" (classic movie series - 6455)
Lt. Uhura 5" (transporter series, with special effects)
Vash 5" (DS9 - 6429)
Vina 5"   as Orion (green) Girl from "the Cage" Reviewed!
Lt. Natasha Yar 5"   (TNG - 6965)
Lt. Natasha Yar 5" from the episode "Yesterday's Enterprise"; originally only 1701 produced. Re-issued in the "1701" 3-pack.
For more Trek females, check Hobby Market Trek
STAR TREK 9" (Playmates, 1995-)
Anij 9" From Insurrection.
Lt. Jadzia Dax 9" In DS9 uniform.
Lt. Jadzia Dax 9" In TOS getup from "Trials and Tribble-ations" episode (i.e. Yeoman Yowza)
Dr. Beverly Crusher 9"
Guinan 9"
Captain Janeway 9" Extremely good likeness.
Kira Nerys 9"
Seven of Nine 9" Silver oufit
Seven of Nine 9" Target-only, same as above but in brown outfit.
Deanna Troi 9" From the 1998 movie, Insurrection. Kind of plain, actually.
Lt. Uhura 9" Action Girl Seal  Reviewed!
"Mirror, Mirror" Uhura 9" Action Girl SealKayBee; In the cool "evil universe" costume.
STAR TREK 12" (Playmates, 1998-)
Janeway 12" Finally released!
EV-9D9 3-3/4" (1985 -- POTF) "female" droid
Lady Gorneesh 3-3/4" (1985 -- Ewoks)
Kea Moll 3-3/4" (1985 -- Droids)
Princess Leia 3-3/4" (1977 -- Star Wars)
Princess Leia 3-3/4" (1980 -- TESB) Bespin Gown
Princess Leia 3-3/4"   (1980 -- TESB) Hoth outfit
Princess Leia 3-3/4"   (1983 -- ROTJ) Boushh disguise
Princess Leia 3-3/4" (1983 -- ROTJ)Combat Poncho
Princess Leia 12"  (1977 -- Star Wars) such a cute doll, just needs a bigger wardrobe!
Sy Snootles 3-3/4" (983 -- ROTJ) as part of Rebo Max band 3-pack
Mara Jade 3-3/4" (1998 -- Expanded Universe)
Princess Leia 3-3/4" (POTF2) Your basic -- if somewhat monkey-faced -- Princess Leia
Princess Leia 3-3/4" (1998 -- POTF 2) Leia take two -- same basic princess, new non-monkey faced figure.
Princess Leia 6" (1998 -- Epic Force) From the "Epic Force" series, on a fixed rotating base (now there's a brilliant idea...). In the white outfit from the end of the 2nd movie.
"Boushh" Leia 3-3/4" (1996 -- Shadows of the Empire) Reviewed!
"Ceremonial" Leia 3-3/4" (1998 -- Episode 1) An assortment which curiously doesn't contain any actual characters from episode one...
"Endor Dress" Leia 3-3/4" (POTF 2)
"Jedi" Leia 3-3/4" (1998 -- Expanded Universe)
"Slave Girl" Leia 3-3/4" (POTF 2) Technically, "Princess Leia Organa as Jabba's Prisoner". Okay...  Reviewed!
"Speederbike" Leia 3-3/4" (POTF 2) Leia in Endor Gear (a.k.a. poncho) packed with speederbike.
Princess Leia 12" (1997 -- POTF2) Princess Leia 12" doll Reviewed!
Boushh disguise Leia 12" (1998 -- POTF2) KayBee; in three pack with Luke and Han.
Hoth Leia 12" (1998 -- POTF2)Service Merchandise/direct market; extremely cute.
Mon Mothma 3-3/4" (1998 -- POTF 2)What? Another female figure from SW? I don't believe it!! Next you'll be telling me they're making Aunt Beru...oh my god, they are making Aunt Beru! The world is coming to an end!!
Sy Snootles 3-3/4" (1998 -- POTF 2) In 2-pack with "Joh Yowzah".
Princess Leia 3" w/ R2-D2 (original outfit)
Princess Leia 3" w/ Han Solo (Bespin outfit)
Princess Leia 3" w/ Luke Skywalker (ceremonial outfit)
Princess Leia 3" w/ Wicket the Ewok (Endor celebration outfit)
Slave Leia 12" FAO/direct market. For some reason the slave girl version was done as part of the so-called "girl's" line...don't ask me why. It may account for her more doll-like appearance than the other 12" versions, though.
This is a nice attempt by Kenner to do a "girl's" line of Star wars figures. The sculpts are all-new, and the outfits incorporate actual cloth skirts, dresses and so on. Two of the figures even have rooted doll hair attached. They're slightly smaller than the standard figure. Best of the lot: the ceremonial dress from the end of the first movie.
STEEL (Kenner, 1997)
Lt. Sparks From the movie line.
Chun-Li Xiang 3-3/4" movie edition: new mold, not a remake of the GI Joe Chun-Li
SUPER HEROES [DC] (Toy Biz, 1989)
Wonder Woman 3-3/4" an inferior remake of the Super Powers WW
SUPER POWERS [DC] (Kenner, 1984-86)
Wonder Woman 3-3/4"  If only they'd made more girls in this line.
STEEL MONSTERS (Tonka, 1986)
 SUPER QUEENS (Ideal, 1967)
Batgirl 13" Came in blonde and brunette versions (even though she's a redhead).
Mera 13"
Supergirl 13"
Wonder Woman 13"
TALESPIN (Playmates, 199?)
Molly Cunningham
Rebecca Cunningham
TARZAN (Dakin, 1983)
Kala 4" "the only mother he ever knew."
TARZAN (Trendmasters, 1996)
Dejah Thoris 4" in 2-pack w/ Kaldane
April #1 5" 1988, series 1, yellow jumpsuit, no stripe
April #2 5" 1989, series 2, yellow jumpsuit, blue stripe
April #3 5" 1991, series 4, orange jumpsuit, blue stripe, no press pass
April #4 5" 1991, series 4 re-release, orange jumpsuit, blue stripe, press pass
April #5 5" 1993, series 5, orange jumpsuit; purple stripe
April 5" 1992, green jumpsuit, came w/ April's News Van vehicle
April 5" 1993, series 6, yellow jumpsuit, purple stripe, gold coin
April 5" 1992, Ninja Newscaster
April 5" 1992, Ravishing Reporter
April 5" 1993, Shogun April (Princess Mitsu body)
April 5"  1993, Movie III -- the cutest April!
April 5" 1993, Mutations
April 5"   1994, Universal monsters Bride of Frankenstein
Cave-Woman April 5" Ninja Newscaster repaint, came w/ Radical Raptor
Irma 5" 1993, Toon Turtles
Kala 5"   1993, Toon Turtles
Mona Lisa 5"
Princess Mitsu 5" 1993, Movie III
Vam Mi 5" 1997, the Next Mutation -- new vampire chick character.
Venus 5" 1997, the Next Mutation Reviewed!
(Blacktop Boardin') Venus 5" 1997, the Next Mutation -- deluxe assortment Reviewed!
(Turtleflage) Venus 5" 1998, the Next Mutation
TEKKEN 3 (Epoch, 1998)
Nina Williams 6" packed with extra arm -- she can hold a gun or karate chop.
Ling Xiaoyu 6" packed with the little panda whose name I can't remember.
THUNDERBIRDS (Matchbox, 1994)
Lady Penelope 3"
Berbil Belle  4" Belle was one of the "cute" robot companions.
Cheetara 6"
Pumyra 6"
Willykit 4" Be aware that there are two Wilykits -- this action figure and a smaller pvc.
TICK (Bandai, 1995)
American Maid 5" "Twist and Chop American Maid"
Man-Eating Cow 5" Personally, I find this character far from feminine, but it is "female", so...
Melissa Screech 5"
TOTAL CHAOS (MacFarlane Toys, 1996)
Thresher 6" (a.k.a. Widow Maker)
TOTAL JUSTICE (Kenner, 1997)
Huntress 5" From the ill-fated third and last wave of this all-DC series.
TOY STORY (Thinkway 1995-6)
Bo Peep 11" Action Girl Seal 
TUROK (Playmates 1998)
Adon 6"
ULTRAFORCE (Galoob, 1995)
Topaz 5"
Queen Topaz 5" about 500 were made -- and never even shipped to toy stores!
Bride of Frankenstein 12 Well, she's really the Bride of the Monster...but I guess it doesn't sound as nice. A must-have doll for horror fans!!
Cammy 5" From X-Men VS. Street Fighter. At last! A Cammy!
Chun-Li 5" From X-Men VS. Street Fighter. A little wonky, but the best Chun-Li ever.
Lara Croft 5" From Tomb Raider.
Claire Redfield 5" From Resident Evil 2. The best figure in this entire series so far. Absolutely great.
Rogue 5" From X-Men VS. Street Fighter.
Jill Valentine 5" From Resident Evil.
VIRUS (Resaurus, 1998)
Kelly Foster 5"
VOLTRON (Matchbox, 1985)
Hagar the Witch 3-3/4"
Princess Alura 3-3/4"
VOLTRON (Trendmasters, 1999)
Allura 4"
VR TROOPERS (Kenner, 1994)
Kaitlin Star 6"
Deluxe Hypertech Kaitlin Star 6" essentially a repaint of the first figure
Battle Grid Kaitlin Star 6" this figure used an entirely new mold Reviewed!
WALTONS (Mego, 1975-76)
Mary Ellen 8" (w/ John-Boy)
Mom 8" (w/ Pop)
Grandma 8" (w/ grandpa)
Barbarocious 6" Action Girl Seal The line's wonderful villainess.
Elysia 6"
Tsun 6" The female member of the Kangaroo Warriors.
WCW/NWO (ToyBiz, 1998-)
Elizabeth 5" 2-pack with her ex, Randy Savage. Not much better looking than her last figure, unfortunately!!
WETWORKS (McFarlane Toys, 1995-6)
Blood Queen 6" var: red or black cape
Mother-One 6" variations: two different face molds were used
Pilgrim 6" var: skin in metallic gold or "flesh" tone
WILDC.A.T.S (Playmates, 1994-95)
Void 6"
Voodoo 6"  one of the all-time best girl figs.
Zealot I 6"
Zealot II 6"
WILLOW (Tonka, 1988)
Queen Bavmorda 2"
Sorsha 2"
Sorsha and Horse 3"
Deveraux 3" Very GI Joe like.
WIZARD OF OZ (Mego, 1974)
Dorothy w/ Toto 8"
Glinda 8"
Munchkin Dancing Girl 5"
Munchkin Flower Girl 5"
Wicked Witch 8"
WONDER WOMAN (Mego, 1978) 12"
Wonder Woman 12" Came with or without Diana Prince uniform.
Queen Hippolyte 12"
Nubia 12" Action Girl Seal 
Batgirl 8"  
Catwoman 8"  my least-fave Catwoman costume, but still great.
Invisible Girl 8"
Isis 8"  
Supergirl 8"  Super-cute!
Wonder Woman 8"  my favorite WW figure.
Wondergirl 6-1/2"  the cute littler Teen Titan figure
WWF (LJN, 1984-89)
Elizabeth 10"
WWF (Jakks, 1997)
Chyna 5" 2-Tuff 2-pack with HHH.
Chyna 5" (S.T.O.M.P. 2) Repaint of first Chyna, with aquatic gear added.
Jackie 5" Unfortunately, another use of the icky Sable body, but hey, another serious wrestler to hang out with Luna!
Luna 5" (Grudge Match, w/ Sable). Now here's a wrestler!! And a great figure. At last, something like an actual female wrestler!!
Marlena 5" 2-Tuff 2-pack with Golddust.
Sable 5" Manager assortment (black dress), 2-pack with Marc Mero; repainted (red dress) for Ringside assortment. Reviewed!
Sable 5" (S.T.O.M.P. 3, "Space Domination") Truly, a thing of terror.
Sable 5" (Grudge Match, w/ Luna) A repaint of Space Sable, without armor.
Sable 7" (Ripped and Ruthless 2) Statue-like figure of the "wrestling" Sable (as opposed to the valeting Sable.)
Sunny 5" Ringside assortment.
Xena: Warrior Princess (ToyBiz, 1998)
Callisto 6" "Callisto" (spins around really really fast)
Callisto 12"
Gabrielle 6" "Orphan of War" (acts spastic)
Gabrielle 12"
Xena 6" "A Day in the Life" (falls on her head)
Xena 6" "Sins of the Past" (draws her sword!!)
"Harem" Xena 6" "Cradle of Hope" (swings around a big pole!!)
Xena 12" the best of the 12" set
Velasca 6" Actually, Velasca is really cool, especially with her Amazon mask on.
Finally, Xena gets her own toy line. The sculpting is nice, and each figure has really elaborate action. Unfortunately, their actions are all really lame (aside from sword-drawing Xena). But they're still really cool. For more Xena, check the Hercules  toys.
X-Files (MacFarlane, 1998)
Scully 6" basic outfit
Scully 6" arctic outfit and ill-looking face.

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