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Virtually every figure made in the USA representing a female action character from television, movies, comics, or even sometimes just generated for a toy line. To find a specific figure or character you're looking for, use the "find" or "search" function of your browser (generally located in the "edit" menu), type in the name, and it will help you find all listed appearances of that character. Have fun!
Series (Company, Year)
Figure size description
007(Exclusive Premiere, 1998)
Anya Amasova 6" from "The Spy Who Loved Me"
A BUG'S LIFE (Mattel, 1998)
Princess Atta 5"
High Wire Spider 4" She's actually sold in the pvc series, as opposed to the "actual" action figure line -- but unlike the rest of that line she's completely posable.
AAH! REAL MONSTERS! (Mattel, 1995)
Ooblina 5"
ADDAMS FAMILY (Playmates, 1993)
Morticia 4" Action Girl Seal
Grandma 4"
ALADDIN (Mattel, 1992-7)
Jasmine 5" Eight different Jasmine action figures have been made so far!
Four versions were available based on the movie -- Jasmine came carded with Rajah or (as Princess Jasmine) a set of doves; and was packed in sets with the Genie and with the Sultan. At least four versions were available based on the tv series -- Jasmine came in four giftsets, in orange & purple (pictured in blue & black) with "Murk"; in green with "beggar" Aladdin; in lavender with "prince" Aladdin; and in white with matching Aladdin (wedding set). At least the orange & purple and lavender versions were also sold carded seperately. At least 3 distinct molds were used, but I'm not sure how many repaints were done, or if any of the TV Jasmines are actually identical to movie versions.
ALF (Coleco, 1987)
ALIENS (Kenner, 1992-)
Ripley 3-3/4"
Vasquez 3-3/4" '96 US repaint of overseas figure; came in 2-pack w/ alien fig
For more Aliens females, check Foreign Aliens releases
Ripley 6" Action Girl Seal
Annalee Call 6" FAO Schwartz exclusive
Precious part of the High Flyers set
ANIMORPHS (Kenner, 1999)
Rachel 6" Sort of part of the Transformers line. Rachel turns into a lion.
ANNIE (Knickerbocker, 1982)
Annie 6" Doll line based on the movie
Miss Hannigan
ANTZ (Playmates, 1998)
Princess Bala 5" The other princess from the other bug movie. Pretty cute.
ARCHIES (Marx, 1975)
ARCHIES (Mattel, 1977)
ASTRONAUTS (Marx, 1969)
Jane Apollo 7" In the classic "best of the west" line style. A really awesome, articulated figure with accurate (and many) accessories.
A-TEAM (Galoob, 1984)
Amy Allen 6"
BABYLON 5 (Exclusive Premiere, 1997)
Ambassador Delenn 9" Articulated cloth-dressed figure. (TRU only)
Ambassador Delenn 6" (TRU only)
Ivanova 6" (TRU only)
Ivanova 9" (TRU only)
BATMAN: the ANIMATED SERIES (Kenner, 1990s)
(a.k.a: Adventures of Batman & Robin)
Wind Blitz Batgirl 5" At last! Batgirl! Okay, she's in a dopey outfit. You can't have everything.
Catwoman 5"
Harley Quinn 5" Action Girl Seal Reviewed!
Poison Ivy 5"
Phantasm 5"
Batgirl 5" Someone's fever dream of Batgirl, I think. Hi-tech armor + lots of naked skin = no sense, guys!
Catwoman 5" Repainted in 97 exclusively for the WB Stores.
Catwoman 11-1/2" A absolutely well-made, somewhat articulated doll of the "Legends" Catwoman. Comes in a set with Batman. Reviewed!
Egyptian Catwoman 5" (2-pack w/ Batman) Reviewed!
Panther Prowl Catwoman 5" Comes with removable "armor".
BATMAN RETURNS (Kenner, 1992-1993)
Catwoman 5"
BATMAN and ROBIN (Kenner, 1997)
Batgirl 5" Reviewed!
Batgirl II 5" From the mini-vehicle assortment, packed with "Ice Strike" cycle. Reviewed!
Batgirl 12" From the "doll" assortment.
Poison Ivy 5" Officially "Jungle Venom Poison Ivy" Reviewed!
Poison Ivy II 5" "Evil Entrapment Poison Ivy", in 2-pack with "Night Hunter Robin" Reviewed!
Poison Ivy 12" 2-pack with a Batman variation. (TRU only)
BEAST WARS (Kenner, 1996)
Airazor 4" Falls into the "if you say it's a girl" category.
Blackarachnia 6" Actually quite a girlish robot, if in a mighty sick way. According to her card, this "evil temptress...lures Maximals" to her "darkened den", then stuns them, "restrains them in her powerful legs" and then "sucks their life-force dry." I'm not sure this is too appropriate for a kid's line, but it's awfully...entertaining. And she does look like a girl, in a sort of bug-like robotic way.
BEETLEJUICE (Kenner, 1990)
Teacher Creature 5"
BEST OF THE WEST (Marx, 1960s)
Jane West
Janice West
Josie West
Princess Wildflower
Ellie Mae Clampett (came with jeans or skirt)
BEWITCHED (Ideal, 1966)
Samantha 13"
Red Beetleborg 5" the girl Beetleborg
Platinum Purple Beetleborg 5" The girl Beetleborg from season 2, also in "Beetle Blast'N" (morphs into "teenager" mode) and "Mega Spectra" (deluxe) versions.
Horribelle 5" Series 2 villainess -- great figure
Jara 5" Series 1 villainess
Ladyborg 5" Action Girl Seal One of the "Astralborgs" -- really cute, somehow.
This is another Saban-produced Americanized Japanese kid's show (Beetle Fighter).
Charley 5"
Helen 3-3/4"
Meg 3-3/4"
Madame-O 3-3/4"
BIONIC WOMAN (Kenner, 1976)
Bionic Woman 12" Came in either a blue jumpsuit or white jacket and blue pants.
Fembot 12"
BLACK HOLE (Mego 1979)
Kate McCrae 3-3/4"
Kate McCrae 12"
BLACKSTAR (Galoob, 1983)
BRONZE BOMBERS (Olmec, 1988)
Agent Telepathy 3-3/4" The single female from this African-American version of the 3-3/4" GI Joe line.
BUCK ROGERS (Mego, 1979)
Ardella 3-3/4"
Wilma Deering 3-3/4"
Amandla 5" An African-American She-Ra knockoff line.
Butterfly Woman 5"
Felina 5"
Hannah Dundee 5"  One of the most attractive and non-prurient girls ever.
Dr. Blight 5"  One of my all-time favorite villainesses.
Gi 5"
Linka 5"
CAPTAIN POWER (Mattel, 1987-88)
Corporal Pilot Chase 3-3/4"
CELESTRA (Placo Toys, 198?)
Celestra 5" the "Queen of the transforming dolls", who becomes a humanoid robot.
Saturnia 5" Transforms into a plane of sorts.
Vulcania 5" Transforms into a rocket.
Zarla 5" Transforms into a car.
This was a really weird attempt to combine "the concept of transformability and the fantasy of doll play", i.e. cash in on both the She-Ra-engendered female adventure line trend and Transformers. The little dolls have snap-on pieces that "transform" them into robots. Pretty freaky in concept and execution!
CHARLIE'S ANGELS (Hasbro, 1977)
Kris 8"
Kelly 8"
Sabrina 8"
Jill 8"
Truly Scrumptious 11" talking and non-talking versions
Wonder Woman 3"
CONEHEADS (Playmates, 1993)
Connie 5" in Pre-adult Uniform
Prymaat 5" in Full Flight Uniform
Prymaat 5" in Suburban Uniform
CONGO (Kenner, 1995)
Karen Ross 5"
Amy the Gorilla 5"
CRASH BANDICOOT (Resaurus, 1998)
Coco Bandicoot 6" Crash's little sister from the hit videogame
DARKWING DUCK (Playmates, 1991)
DERRY DARING (Ideal, 1975)
Derry Daring came in several different outfits, or w/ motorcycle
DINO-RIDERS (Tyco, 1987-90)
Serena 2-1/2"
DRAGONHEART (Kenner, 1996)
Kara 3-3/4" barely articulated
DRAGON FLYZ (Galoob, 1996)
Apex 5" Apparently, the orange (carded) version shown here only shipped to Canada -- only the grey boxed version appeared on shelves here.
DUKES OF HAZZARD (Mego, 1981-82)
Daisy Duke 3-3/4"
Daisy Duke 8"
Deeth 5"
Mercion 5"
EAGLE FORCE (Mego, 1981)
Goldie Hawk 2-3/4"
EARTHWORM JIM (Playmates, 1995-6)
Princess What's-Her-Name 5"  Super-cute!
EXO-SQUAD (Playmates, 1994-95)
Colleen O'Reilly 2"  Beautifully sculpted, especially for such a small size.
Nara Burns 2" w/ E-Frame
Rita Torres 2" w/ E-Frame
Maggie Weston 2" w/ (repair e-frame)
EXTREME GHOSTBUSTERS (Trendmasters, 1997)
Kylie 5" From the latest incarnation of the franchise. Reviewed!
Deluxe Kylie 5" Repaint of above, with different head. Reviewed!
FAMILY (Mattel, 1978)
Buddy 8"
FAMILY AFFAIR (Mattel, 1967)
Buffy 6" w/ Mrs Beasley
Buffy 10" w/ Mrs Beasley
FERNGULLY (Toys N' Things, 1992)
FINAL FANTASY (Bandai, 1998)
Aeris 5" These US versions of the original Japanese figures use the same molds, but have slightly less detailed paint jobs and are made of inferior plastic. However, they are a lot cheaper, and still great-looking. Aeris and Tifa came as part of a boxed set of four figure.
Tifa 5"
FLASH GORDON (Mego, 1976)
Dale Arden 9" This series was based on the wonderful original art by Alex Raymond
FLASH GORDON (Mego, 1979)
Lizard Woman 3-3/4"
FLASH GORDON (Playmates, 1996)
Dale Arden 5"  An absolutely adorable figure. Reviewed!
Princess Thundar 5"
FLINTSTONES (Mattel, 1994)
Pebbles From Wilma/Pebbles 2-pack
Wilma From Wilma/Pebbles 2-pack
Pebbles From Pebbles/Bam-Bam 2-pack
Betty 5"
Dreamchip Gemstone 5"
Micki 5"
School Girl 5" From school playset.
Wilma 5"
FLYING NUN (Hasbro, 1967)
Flying Nun 4"
Flying Nun 11"
Flying Nun 14"
Flying Nun 18"
GALAXIE GIRL (Woolworth, 1986)
Galaxie Girl 5" A blatant Golden Girls knockoff, 8 different "girls" available.
Noblest 5" Yup, another blatant Golden Girls knockoff.
Supra 5"
Ventura 5"
Virago 5"
Werra 5"
Yfele 5"
GET SMART (Exclusive Premiere, 1998)
Agent 99 6" A complete piece of crap. Sorry, but that's how it is.
Elisa Maza 5"
GARGOYLES (Kenner, 1995-6)
Demona 5"
Futura 6"
Jessica 6"
Mysteria 6"
(the REAL) GHOSTBUSTERS (Kenner, 1988-91)
Janine Melnitz 5" Fright Feature Heroes
Janine Melnitz 5" Super Fright Feature Heroes
Janine Melnitz 5" Scream'n Heroes
Janine Melnitz 5" Power Pack Heroes
Granny Gross 5"
GI JOE (Hasbro, 1967)
GI Action Nurse 11" The only female member of the original GI JOE line-up.
GI JOE (Hasbro, 1982-95, 97-99)
Baroness 3-3/4"  (1984) Repainted in 1997 as part of Cobra Command 3-pack; no AG star for the repaint.
Chun-Li 3-3/4" single figure release: blue/yellow outfit
Chun-Li 3-3/4" figure packed w/ Beast Blaster vehicle: red repaint
Cover Girl 3-3/4" (1983) (came with wolverine vehicle)
Lady Jaye 3-3/4" (1985) Repainted in 1997 as part of Covert Commando 3-pack.
Jinx 3-3/4" (1987)
Scarlett I 3-3/4" (1982) variations: straight arms or swivel arms. Repainted in 1997 as part of Stars & Stripes box set.
Scarlett II 3-3/4" (1992)
Volga 3-3/4" (1998) The first new girl in years, from the Oktober Guard.
Vypra 3-3/4" (1999) packed with vehicle
Zarana 3-3/4" (1986) variations: with or without earrings
1997 saw re-issues of a large number of 3-3/4" Joes, including three females. Unfortunately, the quality on the reissues does not match the original figures at all -- the sculpting is poor, the plastic is cheap, and the paint jobs are generally sloppy. While they are a nice addition to a Joe collection, make sure you know what they look like and don't confuse them with the original figures.
For more Joe females, check
Foreign GI Joe releases.
GI JOE: Collector's Series (Hasbro, 1997)
"GI Jane" 12" Action Girl Seal This is only the 2nd female to be made in the large-format GI Joe line. Technically, she's a generic helicopter pilot, she's referred to as (and the package says) "G.I. Jane".
GI Jane II 12" Action Girl Seal This Jane is a member of the prestigious 82nd Airborne.
GIRL FROM U.N.C.L.E. (Marx, 1967)
Girl From U.N.C.L.E. 11" (April Dancer)
Goddess of Bornite 5" Another Golden Girls knock-off series, better done than most.
Goddess of Gratonite 5"
Goddess of Microlite 5"
Goddess of Scheelite 5"
Goddess of Sodalite 5"
Goddess of Stibtite 5"
GODZILLA/G-FORCE (Trendmasters, 1995)
Margaret O'Brien 5"
Dragon Queen 6"
Golden Girl 6"
Jade 6"
Moth Lady 6"
Onyx 6"
Rubee 6"
Saphire 6"
Vultura 6"
Wild One 6"
HERCULES (Toy Biz, 1995-7)
Atalanta 5" From the "Olympic" series.
Echidna 6" This "mother of all monsters" was in the bendy monsters series.
She-Demon 5"
Xena 5"
Xena II 5"
Xena Deluxe 10" comes with 2 outfits!! Reviewed! For more Xena, check the Xena  listing.
HONEY WEST (Marx, 1965)
Honey West 12"
I DREAM OF JEANNIE (Remco, 1977)
Jeannie 6"
I DREAM OF JEANNIE (Trendmasters, 1996)
Jeannie 12" FAO Schwartz exclusive, released in different package as Target exclusive. Also released in new outfits (Target only). Reviewed!
Jeannie II 12" This is Jeannie's sister from the series, imaginatively named Jeannie as well. (Target exclusive.)
INDIANA JONES (Kenner, 1983)
Marian Ravenwood 3-3/4"
Penny 6"   One of the only little girls ever to be made -- came w/ Brain.
JAMES BOND (Gilbert, 1965)
Domino 2"
Moneypenny 2"
Holly 12"
JAMES BOND: TOMORROW NEVER DIES (Premiere Exclusive, 1997)
Wai Lin 6" Posable cloth-dressed figure (TRU only)
JONNY QUEST (Galoob, 1996)
Jessie 3" "Silent Storm Jessie" in 2-pack w/ "Moonstryker Jonny"
Jessie 3" "Biathlete Jessie" in 2-pack w/ "Wild Blaze Race"
JULIA (Mattel, 1968)
Julia Baker 12" w/ Nurse uniform
JURASSIC PARK (Kenner, 1993)
Ellie Sattler 5"
Kitty O'Neil  11"
LAND OF THE LOST (Tiger, 1980s)
Annie Porter
LAVERNE & SHIRLEY (Mego, 1978)
LITTLE MERMAID (Tyco, 1989-93)
Ariel 10" 11 differently dressed Ariels were available.
Arista 10"
Shelly 10"
LITTLE MERMAID (Mattel, 1998)
Ariel 4" Yes, an honest-to-goodness action figure line. Ariel comes as a mermaid, in a dress, in a nightgown, or in a "fantasy" wedding 2-pack. So far these seem to only be at Disney stores.
Arista 4" Ariel's sister.
Attina 4" Ariel's sister.
Darla 5"
LOST IN SPACE (Trendmasters, 1998)
Dr. Judy Robinson 5" From the 1998 movie.
Judy Robinson 9" From the "classic" tv series.
LOST WORLD (Kenner, 1997) (Jurassic Park II)
Sarah Harding 5"
Kelly Malcolm 3" Sold only in the large playset.
LOVE BOAT (Mego, 1981)
Julie 4"
Vicki 4"
M*A*S*H (Tristar, 1982)
Hot Lips 3-3/4"
Hot Lips 8"
MARS ATTACKS! (Trendmasters, 1996-7)
Martian Spy Girl Action Girl Seal from the movie based on the trading cards; talking and non-talking versions. Reviewed!
MARVEL SUPER HEROES (Toy Biz, 1990-92)
Invisible Woman color change, reissued in 1996's Hall of Fame 1
Invisible Woman II non-color change repaint
Aurora 5" (Alpha Flight)Packed with her brother, Northstar.
Black Cat 5" Action Girl Seal (SPIDER-MAN CYBERWAR)
Blink 5" (Marvel's Most Wanted)
Bride of Venom 5" (Venom: Along Came A Spider) Reviewed!
Chainsaw 5" (Hulk: Outcasts)
Dagger 5" (Marvel two-packs) Comes with partner Cloak. TRU only.
Deathbird 5" (X-MEN NINJA) Technically, "Space Ninja Deathbird", but really...Reviewed!
Domino 5" (X-Force 6)
Elektra 5" (repaint of Psylocke) Reviewed!
Jean Grey 6" (Onslaught) Skanky new sculpt -- no play value whatsoever.
Jean Grey II 5" (Space Riders) Comes w/ vehicle -- interesting, but not great.
Jean Grey III 5" (Famous Couples) Repaint of Black Cat head on Invisible Woman IV body. Comes with "Cyclops" accessory. TRU only.
Jean Grey IV 5" (Battle Blasters) Age of Apocalypse incarnation. Obscure outfit but great figure -- new head on Mystique body.
Invisible Woman III 5" (repaint of the Spiderwoman figure)
Invisible Woman IV 5" (clear)
Jubilee 5" (GenX)
Jubilee II 5" (X-Men 8-pack, exclusive to BJ's)
Jubilee III 5" (X-men Robot Fighters) Totally unlike the 1st Jubilee -- very pretty. Reviewed!
Lady Death Strike 5" (XMEN SCATTERSHOT) A repaint was also packed in a "Marvel's Archenemies" set for TRU.
La Lunatica 5" (X-MEN 2099 2) a "modest" repaint was also released Reviewed!
Madame Web 5" (Spidey Flip 'N' trap)
Magik 5" (New Mutants) packed with Lockheed.
Marrow 5"
Marvel Girl 5" (Xmen Classic) The original Marvel Girl! Unfortunately, in a box set of five figures.
Medusa 5" (Fantastic Four) Reviewed!
Mystique 5" Action Girl Seal (X-Men Monster Armor) New sculpt -- excellent fig! Reviewed!
Nova 5" (Silver Surfer)
Mary Jane Parker 5" TRU exclusive Holiday Special 2-pack with Spiderman. Same IW4 repaint as the other 2-pack, but this time she's married to Petey, and wearing an Xmas outfit. Yikes!!
Penance 5" (GenX)
Phoenix 5"  (Phoenix Saga) One of the best-done Toy Biz women.
Dark Phoenix 5" 1st release -- FAO exclusive; 2nd release -- "Marvel Universe" series
Psylocke 5" (X-MEN LIGHT UP WEAPONS) Reviewed!
Ninja Psylocke 5" (X-MEN NINJA) Reviewed!
Polaris 5" (X-MEN FLASH BACK) Rather garish Rogue repaint.
Rogue I 5" (Xmen)
Rogue II 5" (X-men) (repainted eyes)
Rogue III 5" (Famous Couples 2-pack w/ Gambit) Repaint of White Queen. TRU only. Reviewed!
Rogue IV 5" (X-men Monster armor) Reviewed!
Rogue V 5" (Power Slammers) New sculpt. Pretty nice.
Scarlet Witch 6" (Avengers)
Scream 5" (VENOM: Planet Of The Symbiotes)
"Future" Shard 5" (X-men Missile Flyers)
She Hulk 5" (INCREDIBLE HULK) Reviewed!
Silver Sable 5" (Spiderman Bug Busters)
Snowbird 5" (Alpha Flight)packed with Puck and animal companions. A standout figure.
Spat 5" (Marvel's Most Wanted) Packed with companion Gravel.
Spiderwoman 5" (Iron Man) Reissued in Hall of Fame 2/She-Force 1, some repainted black.
Spider-Woman 5" (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) The original Spiderwoman in her red-and-yellow costume.
Spiral 5"
Storm I 5" (X-men) Black costume -- Reissued in Hall of Fame 2/She-Force 1
Storm II 5" (X-men) Silver repaint of Storm I.
Storm III 5" (Classic X-men) White redeco of Storm I.
Storm IV 5" (X-men Robot Fighters) New bare-midriff costume, short and long-haired versions. Reviewed!
Storm V 5" (X-Men Water Wars) New sculpt of white outfit. Reviewed!
Storm VI 5" (Savage Land) New sculpt -- absolutely stunning.
Storm VII 5" (X-Men 8-pack, exclusive to BJ's)
Storm VIII 5" (X-Men Classic box set) Great new sculpt of the original outfit.
(Mega Armor) Storm 5" White and silver redeco of Storm I, with a huge mecha based on her costume which she slips into.
Typhoid Mary 5" (The vault) A pretty nicely done figure, with beyond-useless accessories.
Vindicator 5" (Alpha Flight)Packed with Sasquatch.
Wasp 5" (Spiderforce) Reviewed!
Mary Jane Watson 5" TRU exclusive 2-pack with Spiderman. IW4 repaint.
White Queen 5" (GENERATION X 2)
Wolfsbane 5" (New Mutants)
For more Marvel females, check Foreign Marvel releases and Hobby Market Marvel
Black Widow 9" Action Girl Seal In her fabulous Romita-era black spy costume.
Invisible Girl 9" Target; in 2-pack with Mr Fantastic. Storm re-deco.
Aunt May (Parker) 9" Mail-in from the Famous Covers line. In the "what were they thinking" category.
Dark Phoenix 9"
Spider-Woman 9" KayBee; in 2-pack with Spiderman
Storm 9" Action Girl Seal In her original black outfit.
MARVEL/TOY BIZ 10" (Toy Biz)
Jean Grey 10" 10" Rogue redeco, including jacket.
Mystique 10" 10" Rogue redeco, including jacket.
Polaris 10" 10" Rogue redeco, no jacket.
Rogue 10" This was the first female 10". Her mold and jacket pattern (and big silly gun) have so far been reused on nearly every figure in the line!
Ninja Rogue 10" 10" Rogue redeco, but this time with a "ninja robe" instead of the jacket.
She Hulk 10" Believe it or not -- this one's a repaint of the 10" ToyBiz Xena.
Storm 10" Action Girl Seal This time, the standard Rogue body gets a brand new head just for Storm! She's also been given a satin cape as part of her "classic" white outfit.
MARVEL/TOY BIZ 12" (Toy Biz)
Black Cat 12" Action Girl Seal
Mary Jane Watson 12" with extra outfits
Rogue 12" with extra outfits Reviewed!
Spiderwoman 12" Believe it or not, this doll was released in the US, just in very small numbers, apparently.
Storm 12" with extra outfits Reviewed!
Storm II  12" The "bad-ass" "punk rock" Storm, complete with mohawk and biker boots. Executed beautifully.
M.A.S.K. (Kenner, 1985-88)
Gloria Baker M.A.S.K. heroine, came w/ Countach and New Collider mask in Stiletto set
Vanessa Warfield villainous member of V.E.N.O.M. came w/ 300ZX and Whip mask in Manta set
Evil-lyn 5-3/4"
Sorceress 5-3/4"
Teela 5-3/4"  Really cute and very girlish-looking.
METAL GEAR SOLID (MacFarlane, 1999)
Meryl Silverberg From the PSX game.
Sniper Wolf
MIGHTY DUCKS (Mattel, 1996-7)
Mallory Reviewed!
Spin Attack Mallory An attractive repaint of the original Mallory, from the Extreme Battle Ducks series. Reviewed!
MORK AND MINDY (Mattel, 1979)
Mindy 8"
MORTAL KOMBAT (Hasbro, 1995)
Sonya Blade 3-3/4" GI Joe Jinx body with new head
Sonya Blade 3-3/4" movie edition; outfit repainted black
MORTAL KOMBAT TRILOGY (Toy Island, 1996 [released in 97-98])
Jade 4-3/4" An all-new sculpt and character, among several added to this series.
Jade 10" A larger version in the style of the 10" Marvel figures.
Sonya Blade 4-3/4" An enlarged version of the first Hasbro Sonya.
MOVIE MANIACS (MacFarlane, 1998)
Eve 6" From the movie Species II.
MUNSTERS (Exclusive Premiere, 1998)
Lily 9" Action Girl Seal Extremely nice rendition, especially considering the maufacturer.
MULAN (Mattel, 1998)
Mulan 5" A bona-fide girl's action figure line based on the movie about the girl warrior -- there are five figures so far, including the singly-packed "Warrior Mulan" (comes with armor and sword, absolutely great) and "Maiden Mulan" (in dress), plus deluxe variations "matchmaker" (Maiden, w/ fabric dress and grandma), "riding" (Warrior, w/ horse), and "in training" (Warrior, w/ workout stuff and partner). A line of 12" dolls is also available in both "hero" and "maiden" versions (no armor for the 12", unfortunately!) 
Battle Fury Deirdre 5" "Deluxe" version of the basic figure.
Deirdre 5" The lone girl in this new sentai line. Minor repaint included with her side car.
The MUMMY (Toy Island, 1999)
Mummy Princess 5" With "decomposing" action!! Cool in a gross way.
Sally 6" Action Girl Seal 
Sally 12" Action Girl Seal stuffed
Shock 6" in 3-pack w/ Lock and Barrel
For more NMBC figures, check foreign NMBC releases

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