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A directory of female action figures made in the 20th century!  

learn more!Intro: I did this list myself after realizing that every published "female figure" list either made mistakes or left tons of things off. I wanted a checklist when my collection started getting expansive, and I just couldn't find one that was good enough. So, I did it myself! Some of the items I've included on the list are not always considered "action figures" but I decided, hey, if it poses and is a character that's good enough. (And at the same time, if it doesn't pose, it's either not here, or in the "non-action" section.)

For all you regulars, I have to apologize for the slow updates -- I am just crazy busy this year, so I can't spend the time I'd like on the page. But, if you'd like regular news and updates, on all kinds of toys (but with a definite bias towards female figures), sign up for the daily Toy Trove email newsletter! I'm a regular contributor, and recommend Toy Trove for good info on new and upcoming toy releases.

Action Girl Seal  On all lists, this symbol, the "Action Girl Seal of Approval", denotes the figures (or entire lines) I find exceptional, either because of their likeness to the character portrayed, the quality of the sculpting/painting, their appropriateness as a positive girl's toy, or because I just think they're really great figures. It's just my opinion, after all!  

Action Figures

The female figure master (or mistress) list! Virtually every figure made in the USA representing a female character from television, movies, comics, or even simply generated for a toy line. After making several additions, and eyeing the list of figures coming out this year, I've split the list into two sections: A-N and O-Z. UPDATED: 04/13/99

Hobby Market Figures

Figures made for the collectors market -- some still toylike, some obviously not intended to be toys at all. Never available in toy stores, nevertheless, a possible addition to anyone's figure collection. UPDATED: 04/13/99

Foreign Figures

A selected list of notable female figures from other countries that were never released in the United States (other than as an expensive import). UPDATED: 04/13/99

Non-Action Figures

Some of the better figures that don't qualify as action figures -- pvcs, bendys etc. UPDATED: 04/13/99

Missing In Action

Some of the girls that were never made, or never made it to shelves. Funny thing, Kenner's name appears an awful lot on both of these lists....UPDATED: 1/23/99

The Girls That Never Were

Some of the best custom versions of female figures out there on the web, plus links to the best resources for starting your own custom collection! UPDATED: 04/13/99

The Hit (and Miss) List

Reviews of some of the new girl figures that have crossed my path, plus special classic figure reviews! NEW! Reviews of: Claire Redfield, Adon, Alpha Flight, Supergirl, Luna, Miss Elizabeth, Skull Queen, Black Widow and Blink! (A small installment of new reviews for your reading pleasure...)

Collecting Tips

Some basic tips on collecting female figures (or figures in general). Have a question? Check here first! UPDATED: 12/28/98

Stuff and Nonsense

Trivia, opinions and info that wouldn't fit anywhere else! NEW: An updated and fully expanded Wonder Woman and the Star Riders Special! Trust me -- it's more than you ever wanted to know!  03/18/97

Cool Figure Pages

Some of my favorite action figure-related web sites. UPDATED: 12/28/98

Thanks for reading all of this -- good luck collecting!

This list was originally compiled by Sarah Dyer between July 1995 and August 1999. These pages, lists and articles are all © 1999 Sarah Dyer. All rights reserved.counter  

Did you know who all the girls pictured were? Here's the key!

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